On 10 September 2010, the Financial Regulator published its Insurance Statistical Review for 2009. The Review comprises statistics and market data for the insurance industry collated from the 2009 regulatory returns of Irish authorised life and non-life insurers. The following are the more noteworthy statistics provided: On a positive note, the total volume of insurance business written by Irish insurers increased to over €40 billion in 2009; up from €38.4 billion in 2008. €28.23 billion of this total was written by life companies. A less positive statistic was that, in respect of Irish risk business, insurers suffered a net underwriting loss of €124.5 million in 2009, compared with a net profit of €121.9 million in 2008. However, as evidence of growing off-shore activity by Irish insurers, there was a net underwriting profit of €179.8 million, compared with a net underwriting profit of €109 million in 2008, for foreign risk business written from Ireland.