The report of the meeting of the Customs Valuation section of the Customs Code Committee of 2 December 2011 has finally been issued. It reports that the Commission provided clarifications regarding the data elements required for customs valuation in electronic customs procedures under the future MCCIPs. The Commission also clarified the circumstances under which a declarant can obtain a waiver from the obligation to provide certain data.

The Commission further provided a revised version of the document on the application of standard rules on customs decisions to valuation matters under the MCC.

The Committee finalised the Commission’s document on an Italian licence fees case concerning the non-inclusion of royalties and licence fees in the customs value of goods sold by a third country company to a related company established in the EU, which has signed a licence agreement with another related third country company.

The Commission also debriefed the Committee on Thailand’s request concerning the treatment of bonus payments in the direct selling industry during the session of the WCO Technical Committee on Customs Valuation of October 2011.

An update was provided on the work of the Project Group on Undervaluation, Risk Analysis and Control and its decision to implement a Priority Control Action (PCA) on the valuation of certain products (mainly textiles) from some selected origins.

The 12th meeting of the Valuation Committee took place on 9 March 2012. A meeting report is not yet available, but the agenda indicates that the Committee was scheduled to further examine the standard rules on decisions, and certain issues that were addressed in the WCO Technical Committee on Customs Valuation. The Commission would also provide an oral report on the recast of the MCC, the work of the project group on undervaluation and on the study and strategy to address customs undervaluation problems.

The next meeting of the Origin Committee is scheduled for early October 2012.