Adv. Zohar Lande, head of the Litigation practice at Barnea & Co., alongside with Adv. Itay Hatam and Adv. Gilli Cohen-Arazi  from Barnea’s litigation team, are representing Espresso Club Ltd., an Israeli corporation, in an IP claim filed against it by Nespresso and Nestle.

Nestle and Nespresso claim that a TV commercial by Espresso Club, which features a George Clooney double, denigrates their brand’s image, and tarnishes Nespresso’s reputation by ridiculing the Nespresso image.

An interim motion filed by Nespresso in an attempt to prevent the airing of Espresso Club’s commercial was rejected in January 2015, and an appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected in May 2015. Currently, Nespresso and Nestle are claiming for damages, and a permanent injunction to prohibit Espresso Club from continuing this campaign and making similar commercials in the future.