Request, draft, negotiate, approve, and sign. Our proven end-to-end CLM solution solves contracting challenges for every part of your business.

Transforming your business, one contract at a time

Automate every step required in managing your contracts, including authoring, negotiation, workflows, approvals, execution, and renewal management. Our cloud-based software makes every step of the process seamless.

  • Store, find, search, and report on every contract in a single location. Gain visibility into contract status as it flows through the contract lifecyle. Understand actions taken and actions needed.
  • Never miss a renewal or expiration again. Guarantee that your contracts meet the regulatory requirements that matter to you. Be audit-ready, whatever business you are in.
  • Create easy-to-find, easy-to-use templates for everyday contracts and common clauses. Set up an explicit set of rules business users can use to create contracts.
  • Automating enterprise CLM from creation to signature

    • Store, locate, and manage unlimited contracts
    • Compare revisions, route tasks, securely negotiate
    • Track interactions and cycle times to identify where slowdowns happen
    • Gain access to compliance reporting to reduce risk
“Conga Contracts is my secret weapon. It has helped me to improve contract management efficiency so drastically that our world-wide contracts teams are adopting it.”

Self-service contracting at your fingertips