On Wednesday and Thursday, the House passed H.B. 7107 and H.B. 7109, bills which transition the delivery system for Florida's Medicaid program to statewide managed care. The bills passed largely unchanged from their final form as voted out in committee, and debate proceeded along partisan lines. Democrats decried a perceived reduction in patient choice and services under managed care, while Republicans emphasized the need to provide better health outcomes for patients and achieve predictable growth for the program. The Senate proposal, S.B. 1972 by Sen. Joe Negron, passed the Health Regulation committee on a unanimous vote after the committee discussed 34 amendments. The adopted amendments were offered by a number of Senators to address a variety of details in the implementation of the bill, such as extending the medical loss ratio requirement to managed care subcontractors, and requiring managed care plans to adhere to a single, statewide drug formulary. Sen. Negron argued successfully against a handful of “carveout” amendments by Sen. Mike Fasano, which would have either removed services from managed care (i.e., transportation) or given preferential treatment to certain providers (i.e., community care for the elderly, or CCE, providers). The Senate bill is next scheduled to be heard in the Health and Human Services Budget Subcommittee on Wednesday.