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  • The 5 things you must do before discharging an employee (1:58) Listen now
  • The bathroom dilemma in the news - transgender rights on the front page (7:56) Listen now
  • Casual Friday: make sure your employees keep it classy (2:17)  Listen now
  • DOL may delay implementation of the new FLSA regulations until late 2016 (3:03)  Listen now
  • ADA with a side of FMLA: a cornucopia of legal issues (7:48)  Listen now
  • Don’t be dressed down by a decision maker: how to successfully impose a dress code (6:04)  Listen now
  • Are your background check disclosure forms FCRA-compliant? (6:25)  Listen now
  • Who owns the patent?: the validity of automatic assignment provisions (3:27)  Listen now
  • So you want to accept that board position? One more reason to pause: directors can be personally liable under Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank (4:44)  Listen now
  • Before you fire: 20 questions every employer should ask (7:17)  Listen now