After the state legislature unanimously passed a bill to allow consumers to register cell phones on the state’s Do Not Call list, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed it into law on May 13.

The House Enrolled Act 1273 allows consumers to register their cell phones, VOIP numbers, and prepaid wireless calling service with the existing state Do Not Call registry. Telemarketers that place calls to numbers on the registry are subject to financial penalties and suits from the state attorney general.

The bill passed 50-0 in the state Senate and 93-0 in the House.

“Because many Hoosiers now use cell phones only and do not have land lines at home, we wanted to statutorily extend the protections of the Do Not Call list for cell phone users so they also can be shielded from intrusive solicitors,” Attorney General Greg Zoeller said in a statement after the legislature sent the bill to the Governor’s desk.

The current Indiana Do Not Call list contains more than 1.8 million residential numbers. The law also updated the definition of a “call” to include calls made by the use of a recorded message device, the transmission of a text or graphic message via SMS, and the transmission of an image, photograph, or a multimedia message.

The law takes effect immediately.

To read the House Enrolled Act 1273, click here.

Why it matters: As consumers increasingly rely upon their cell phones, marketers and advertisers are also using them as a means of contact, either by phone calls or text messages. Indiana’s addition of cell phones and VOIP service, as well as its broadened definition of what constitutes a “call,” means companies must be careful when making contact with Indiana residents.