EIOPA speaks on strategic priorities: Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman of EIOPA, has spoken on its future strategic priorities at its 4th Annual Conference in Frankfurt. He identified three main areas of focus:

  • implementation of Solvency 2 and the development of an EU supervisory culture. In particular, he stressed the need to ensure EIOPA's operational independence and an adequate level of funding to enable it to effectively oversee the uniform implementation of the new regulatory regime across the EU;
  • the delivery of safe, sustainable and adequate pensions to all EU citizens regardless of wider market conditions. He highlighted the need to develop an EU-wide regulatory framework for pensions to provide enhanced sustainability, strong governance and full transparency within the industry; and
  • the movement towards risk-based regulation and adequate supervision of the conduct of business of pensions providers. He identified robust product oversight and governance arrangements, the KID for PRIIPs and the development of a set of key risk indicators as especially important tasks for the future.

(Source: EIOPA Strategic Priorities Going Forward)