China’s fifth-generation leaders - due to be announced sometime later this month - face the daunting task of fulfilling the outgoing cadres’ pledge to transform China’s economy.  Shifting to an economy based on consumption rather than unsustainable infrastructure spending poses difficult policy choices for the Politburo’s new Standing Committee, but important economic and political factors make any other path untenable by comparison.[1]

This transformation opens new opportunities for American companies, and federal export support programs overseen by the Export-Import Bank of The United States (Ex-Im) and the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) can provide crucial financing support for small business exporters. Ex-Im and SBA offer a range of products of likely interest to U.S. small businesses in three broad areas: (i) working capital loan guarantees, (ii) export credit insurance and (iii) medium and long-term loan guarantees.  Such programs are described in more detail in the piece authored by FBT attorney Gray Sasser for Dezan Shira & Associates’

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