The Commission has approved under the EC Merger Regulation the proposed merger, whereby Eurovia, a subsidiary of the French group Vinci, and Compagnie Signature SAS, part of the French group Burelle, will combine their road marking and road sign operations, acquiring joint control of Euromark (France) and Signature Holdings (France) through the purchase of shares in these two companies constituting a joint venture. After examining the operation, the Commission concluded that the transaction would not significantly impede effective competition in the European Economic Area (EEA) or any substantial part of it.

Eurovia is active in four areas: planning and carrying out roadworks, manufacturing road materials, managing the environment and providing infrastructure-related services. Compagnie Signature is active in the road marking and vertical road signs sectors and in road safety signs and street furniture.

The Commission's study showed that the proposed operation would lead to a limited overlap between the parties' activities on the French market for road marking products and on the British market for the manufacture and sale of vertical road signs. However, the Commission concluded that these overlaps would not cause competition problems because several other suppliers in the sector would continue to ensure genuine competition. [22 November 2007]