Environmental legislation establishes different mechanisms for the competent authority to monitor and ensure compliance with the environmental obligations of holders with activities resulting in an environmental impact.

One of the ways to monitor compliance with the aforementioned obligations is by submitting reports on a regular basis; so, it is necessary to keep in mind what these reports are and when they should be made. The Annual Operations Report applies to any activity holder, work or project that has a current Environmental Management Program. According to article 128 of the General Regulations of the Environment Law, within the first three months of each year a report reflecting the implementation of each activity of the Environmental Management Program must be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources (MARN).

To this end, the Information System for the Annual Operational Report Register is a tool created by the MARN that allows the entry of the information of the annual operation, to facilitate, on the one hand, the filling of the information by the owner and on the other hand, the processing of the data by the Ministry.

It is important to note within these obligations, that in March of last year, the Comprehensive Waste Management Law came into force. Article 21 stablish an obligation for waste managers to submit a report of the activities carried out during the year. This report must be submitted within the first three months of the following year to the MARN.

Moreover, the Special Regulation on Hazardous substances and waste, establishes the obligation to keep three different reports, each aimed to different actors in the generation, management, and disposal of hazardous substances. First the hazardous waste report, as regulated in Article 19 and which corresponds to the hazardous waste generator, which shall report semi-annually the movements that has made during that period with its hazardous waste. Article 40 provides that holders of hazardous waste management services should submit to the MARN a quarterly report containing, among other data, nature, physical condition, weight, and volume of confined hazardous wastes. Finally, Article 56 of that regulation provides that the transporter and the receiver must submit a semi-annually report on hazardous substances, waste and residues received for transport.

It is likely that, even if the holders of works or projects with environmental impact, are not required to submit these reports, but it is important that companies that provide any type of service related to the transport, management or disposal of solid waste or hazardous substances, waste or residues follow these obligations so that they can continue developing and providing their corresponding activity.