The USCIS recently released its latest version of the E-Verify system. The update attempts to improve data validation by allowing users to enter a U.S. passport number between six and nine alpha numeric characters with no special characters. The previous versions of the E-Verify system always required users to enter nine digits with no letters. Additionally, the new system allows users to enter visa numbers up to eight alpha-numeric characters with no special characters. Additionally, the update now allows employers to record a hire date in the E-Verify system up to 365 days in the future. Previously, the system did not permit an employer to record a future hire date due to concerns that employers will mistakenly interpret this allowance as condoning the practice of pre-screening applicants employment eligibility through the E-Verify system (which is not allowed). The USCIS also provided the following clarifications:

  1. The hire date is the date the employer began (or will begin) work for pay. The user should enter the Section 2 certification date from the employee’s Form I-9 as the hire date in E-Verify.
  2. If the employer rehired an employee and completes Section 3 of Form I-9, the user should enter the “Date of Rehire” from Section 3 of the employees Form I-9 as the hire date in E-Verify.
  3. If the employee’s hire date changes after the user has created the case in E-Verify, no additional action is required in E-Verify. However, the USCIS does recommend that employers should make a correction to the Section 2 certification date on the employee’s Form I-9. If the employees changes.