By a letter dated 12 March 2012, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation informed the lower house of Parliament about the government's policy on the composition of low-calorific gas distributed via the national gas transport network. For the coming 10 years, the composition of such gas will remain unchanged. With regard to the period after 2021, the annex to the letter contains a table clarifying the permitted composition. The new composition of low-calorific gas may not lead to extra costs for consumers, however safety prevails.

On the subject of gas-operated equipment sold to consumers, the Minister said that these should be "future-proof" and be capable of conversion for use with high-calorific gas without additional costs. Lastly, the Minister said that the aim was to prolong the abovementioned 10-year period (the period during which the current composition of low-calorific gas will remain unchanged). A ministerial regulation setting out the rules on the composition of gas was published in the Dutch Government Gazette on 12 June 2012 and has been submitted to Parliament.