On February 12, 2019, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) published in the Federal Register a notice [Docket No. USCBP-2018-0045] announcing a change in location for “The 21st Century Customs Framework” public meeting to be held on Friday, March 1, 2019. The public meeting will be held at the US Department of Commerce, Herbert Hoover Auditorium. CBP is also re-opening the registration links to allow for additional participation. Participants who have previously registered do not need to re-register. The meeting will be conducted in-person and via teleconference. All in-person attendees must preregister; on-site registration is not permitted.

“The 21st Century Customs Framework” will seek to address and enhance numerous aspects of CBP’s trade mission to better position the agency to operate in the 21st century trade environment. Through preliminary efforts, CBP has identified key themes for which CBP seeks public input: (1) Emerging Roles in the Global Supply Chain; (2) Intelligent Enforcement; (3) Cutting-Edge Technology; (4) Data Access and Sharing; (5) 21st Century Processes; and (6) Self-Funded Customs Infrastructure. For brief descriptions of each theme please refer to the December 21, 2018 public meeting announcement in the Federal Register (83 Fed. Reg. 65703).

Members of the public who plan to attend the meeting in-person should register online at https://teregistration.cbp.gov/index.asp?w=145. Members of the public who plan to participate via teleconference should register online at https://teregistration.cbp.gov/index.asp?w=146.