Representative Sabin introduced House Bill (“HB”) 2027 which is titled The Arkansas Distributed Generation Act of 2017.

The purpose of HB 2027 is to:

  • Increase the use of renewable energy resources in the state
  • Regulate the use of distributed generation contracts

The bill would amend Arkansas Code Title 23, Chapter 18 to add an additional subchapter (11).

A focus of the legislation appears to be a requirement that electric utilities “include renewable energy resources as an integral part of their energy portfolios.”

The bill includes defining terms such as:

  • Distributed generation contract
  • Electric utility
  • Renewable electric generation facility
  • Renewable energy generation credit
  • Renewable energy resource

Also addresses are requirements for distributed generation contracts, net metering facilities, interconnection, and cost recovery.

The bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on Energy.

A copy of the bill can be downloaded here.