On August 20, the CFPB, along with the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), filed a joint complaint in federal court against two pension advance lenders and three of their managers for allegedly misleading consumers regarding the costs and risks associated with the companies’ pension advance loans. The CFPB and NYDFS contend that both companies coerced consumers into borrowing against their pensions by marketing the product as a sale rather than a loan, and misrepresented or failed to disclose interest rates and fees on lump-sum cash advances offered for agreeing to redirect the full or partial amount of the consumer’s pension payments over an extended period. In separate allegations, the NYDFS contends that both companies violated New York state specific laws related to usury and deception, and unlawfully transmitted money without a proper license. The complaint follows guidance issued earlier this year highlighting three business practices consumers should avoid when conducting business with pension advance lenders.