On 8 March 2018, ICC judges upheld an order that $1 million should be paid as reparations to the victims of the attack on the village of Bogoro in 2003.

The original order for reparations was the first of its kind, and awarded a symbolic $250 to each of the victims in addition to collective compensation for the village to spend on counselling, housing and education. The Congolese militia leader Katanga sought to appeal the order on the basis that it was excessive and did not reflect his role in the event.

Presiding Judge Howard Morrison said the purpose of reparations “is to repair the harm that was inflicted on the victims” and where possible to try restore things to where they were before.

Katanga is now serving a 12-year sentence handed down by the ICC in 2014 on five charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity for the attack.