Yandex is accused for violation of a Russian rappers’ copyright. Now copyright holders are claiming from the Internet company compensation in the amount of 5.4 million rubles.

The company SO / Era Music, which is responsible for the music management of more than 30 Russian artists, including Loc-Dog, On-the-Go, etc., sued Yandex for violation of copyright and related rights.

It is about placing on the service “Yandex Music” songs of two Russian music projects – 25/17 and “Ice 9”. An exclusive license for this music belongs to the plaintiff.

The copyright holder says that they tried to settle the claims in a pre-trial order, but the companies did not eventually come to an agreement. “Yandex” did not comment the claims of the copyright holder.

According to the copyright holder, “Yandex” violated the terms and conditions of use, stipulated in the license, for example, “Yandex Music” without any permission used artists’ images for advertisement.

Till now it was not possible to agree on the settlement of the dispute. On April 5, SO / Era Music Ltd. filed suit about the illegal placement of music albums and images of artists 25/17 and “Ice 9”. The preliminary session of the Arbitration Court is scheduled for May 23. The amount of the claimed compensation is 5.4 million rubles.