The Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of Coosa Riverkeeper, Inc. (“Coosa”) sent an August 3rd Notice of Intent to Sue (“Notice”) to the Oxford Water Works and Sewer Board (“Board”), which is located in Oxford, Alabama.

The Notice alleges ongoing Clean Water Act and Alabama Water Pollution Control Act violations by the Oxford Tull C. Allen Wastewater Treatment Plant (“Plant”).

The Plant discharges into the Choccolocco Creek pursuant to a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (“NPDES”) Permit. It is stated to have a design flow of 4.5 million gallons a day. Further, it is stated to serve 28,700 people and 12 industries.

Coosa alleges that the Plant has violated its NPDES permit. The alleged violations are placed in five categories described as:

  1. Failure to comply with certain effluent limitations by pollutant parameter
  2. Submission of incomplete or inconsistent reports or failure to report noncompliance
  3. Discharges in unpermitted location
  4. Violation of required sampling methods
  5. Failure to fully comply with toxicity requirements

The Notice also states that the alleged violations were identified by the Plant’s Discharge Monitoring and other reports along with sampling by Coosa.

A copy of the Notice can be downloaded here.