My Twitter biography says I work and live in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and in Milan, Italy. This is true. I live and work in two countries every day. How can this be done without traveling a million miles each year? There are three secrets: alternation of conversations, use of technology and time management.

Sequencing of conversations

When I get up in the morning, I go to the gym. While I'm running, I read Italian newspapers and sending text messages and emails about the most interesting news to my Italian clients and colleagues. When my run is over, I use Twitter and LinkedIn to communicate with my followers. In this part of the day I only speak Italian.

When I return home for breakfast, I start speaking in English. I read American newspapers and send messages to my American clients and colleagues. With this sequencing, first Italian then English, I optimize my efforts.

Use of technology

I wrote above that I use text messages, Twitter, and LinkedIn to communicate. In addition to these tools, I use a wide variety of other technology. And more importantly, I'm careful to choose which tool to use. For example, Americans prefer to use email or telephone for business. Italians are more open to new technologies like Skype and WhatsApp. So I try to use the technology that the other person prefers.

Time management

It is not possible to be able to write articles every day. Fortunately, this is a problem with a solution - time management. If I have extra time at the end of my day, when nobody wants to read legal or financial commentary, I write articles that I can publish later. Then, when there are days that I don't have much time, I publish the article on my law firm’s blog and on my social networks.

The life of an international lawyer is a challenge. With these three secrets it's a fun challenge.