The European Commission has submitted for endorsement by the Committee of EU Member States a series of draft directives for the energy labelling of household appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dishwashers have been carrying labels since the mid-1990s, however the new labelling rules will also apply to televisions.

The energy label requires manufacturers to declare how energy-efficient their products are and to supply retailers with a label that has to be displayed on the appliances on display in their shops. The aim is to clearly inform consumers about the energy performance of the products before they make their choice. For all four product categories, the draft labelling directives are accompanied by ecodesign regulations, which set out the minimum level of efficiency that the appliances have to meet in order to be placed on the market.

The new label layout continues to be based on the A-G scale and the well-known coloured arrows, however its design is clearly different from the current design. The new label format is expected to provide more incentives for innovation that will lead to high-efficiency products being put on the market and reductions in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.