The Department of Finance is currently assessing the written submissions provided by stakeholders during the public consultations in August to determine how best to proceed with a global safeguard action against steel imports. It is anticipated that the Department will complete its report imminently and that a decision on the initiation of the action will be made within weeks.

Once initiated, a safeguard inquiry is expected to take more than 270 days to complete. Canadian authorities are considering whether to impose provisional safeguard measures prior to the completion of the process. If provisional measures are imposed, they could result in safeguard duties being imposed on imports of steel products as early as the initiation date of the action.

If provisional safeguard measures are imposed, they are expected to adversely impact Canadian end-users and importers of steel products and the exporters on whom they rely. The method used to administer the duties could also alter the competitive landscape between suppliers in Canada who distribute imported steel.