The Competition Commission has published its provisional findings on the sale of “retail PPI”. By this it means PPI taken out on repayments for shopping through home catalogues. It found problems similar to other PPI products:

  • high profitability for distributors; 
  • little competition between providers; 
  • limited ability for consumers to search alternative products or swap between products; and 
  • significant point-of-sale advantages for providers.

It has proposed some possible remedies which would include ensuring customers always get prices for finance setting out separately the amount payable for PPI cover and, where relevant, merchandise cover. It asks for comments by 31 October on possible remedies and 10 November on its provisional findings. It also published a consultation on the further analysis it thinks it needs to do to help it make decisions on remedies in the PPI market investigation as a whole. It wants comments on this by 28 October.