The answer is maybe, if PA adopts the recommendations of the Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

The Pennsylvania Transportation Funding Advisory Commission issued its final report on long term transportation funding options in Pennsylvania.  The recommendations by the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (“Commission”) will generate $2.5 billion by the final year of its five-year plan.  The Commission is hopeful that that the funds generated can be used for roads, bridges, mass transit, and other transportation infrastructure that is desperately needed for the state. Further, this would be an attempt to partially fill in the $3.5 billion transportation funding gap. 

A significant portion of the revenue generation recommended by the Commission is an increase of driver’s license and vehicle registration fees and a gas tax hike.  The Commission has recommended an increase of $40.00 each time a driver’s license is renewed and an increase of $60.00 to renew vehicle registration.  However, the time between renewals will double.  Therefore, the average driver would pay $69.50 every eight (8) years for a renewal license and $98.00 every two (2) years for vehicle registration renewal.  Currently, the fees are $29.50 to renew a license every four (4) years and $36.00 for yearly registration renewal.  The result of the vehicle and driver fee changes would bring in nearly $600 million.

The Commission also recommended eliminating registration stickers on license plates, saving PennDOT $1 million a year, reducing the number of driver’s license centers from 71 to 60, saving the state $650,000 a year, and eliminating new car inspections.  Further, the Commission proposed uncapping the gasoline tax.  This would mean the drivers would pay $.22 more for a gallon of gas at the pump the first year the tax is uncapped.  The report estimates that if all the Commissions’ recommendations are adopted, the average driver, who is considered one that drives 12,000 miles a year and owns one vehicle, would pay an additional $132.00 a year.

The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition, which represents organizations such as the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, AARP, and the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors announced its support of the Commission’s Report.

Further, the Associated Pennsylvania Constructors announced their support for the Report.

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The State Transportation System is in desperate need of assistance.  Do you believe that this is the right way to go?