The draft El Khomri bill (so called « Labour Law ») will be presented to the French National Assembly for a second reading within the next few days.

As you know, the Senate removed from the draft bill the provisions of Article 29 bis A, which rendered mandatory the creation of a dialog forum for employees within franchise networks.However, the fight is not over.

The draft bill being brought back before the National Assembly again, Article 29 bis A might be reintroduced. Indeed, observers have noted that the Government has been surprisingly unclear as to its intentions over the last few weeks.

Such a reform, if it were adopted, would prove to be not just onerous for franchisors and franchisees, but above all dangerous, as it could result in a challenge of the very model of franchising as a business format, by creating a potential situation of joint employment of the franchisees’ employees and by leading to a possible loss of independence for the franchisees.

As a consequence, the French Franchise Federation has launched a petition which can be signed by anyone, whether franchisor, franchisee or simple citizen.