The US International Trade Commission has issued Revision 12 to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of he United States. The changes derive from a recent proclamation (9771) and 2 recent USTR notices. Revision 12 includes:

  • General note 4(d) modification;
  • Chapters 44 and 63 (Chapter notes and revised subheadings);
  • New breakouts for subheading 8517.62;
  • subchapter III of chapter 99 of the tariff schedule;
  • Note 18(c)(iii) Modified (new solar exclusions added);
  • Notes 20(e), (f) and (g) added (China);
  • 9903.80.03 added (new China list for 20(f));
  • 9903.80.04 Added (new partial coverage China list for 20(g))

For a complete list of the changes, see the Change Record.