Have to give a nod to Sean Kidney and the crew at the Climate Bonds Initiative. Yesterday the Solar Technical Working Group of the Climate Bond Standard and Certification Scheme (CB Standard) released criteria for solar assets eligibility for green bond certification. The criteria will be subject to a 30 day period of public consultation before being confirmed. Go here or here for more information. The criteria are the second set of eligible assets to be addressed for certification purposes, joining certain types of wind projects. For the initiated, under the released criteria, solar PV projects count, as do all CSP project types.

As quick background, the Standard was launched in November, 2011 and represents an opportunity to continue the dialogue on solutions for making institutional capital and bond markets a viable options for low carbon investments. The CB Standard is an industry-driven screening tool for investors and governments to support innovative corporate, collateralized and project-level climate bond issues. Bonds complying with the Standard can be certified as ‘Climate Bonds’, a mark that provides additional assurance to investors on the actual use of proceeds. The potential for bond markets as a viable financial mechanism for low carbon investments was picked up by E&E News today here. (subscription required).

The release of the solar criteria follows on the heels of a recent World Bank issue of a 2-year $550 million green bond. For more intel, go here.