These were established on a statutory basis under section 9 Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004 and are required when someone dies as the result of domestic violence. This provision came into force on 13 April 2011.

In light of this the Home Office has issued Multi Agency Statutory Guidance for the Conduct of Domestic Homicide Reviews.

The criteria for a domestic homicide review (DHR) are set out at paragraph 3.8 and the notification provisions are set out at paragraph 4.6

The bodies that have a duty to establish or to participate in a DHR are set out at paragraph 5.3 and include SHAs, NHS trusts and PCTs.

The guidance covers:  

  • conducting a DHR;
  • timescales;
  • involvement of family etc;
  • content of reviews and report;
  • publication of report; and
  • disclosure and criminal proceedings.

Templates are included in the appendices to the guidance.