As part of the 2007 Budget, the Canadian government committed to review Canada's competition and foreign investment policies. In order to do so, the Canadian government established the Competition Policy Review Panel, composed of five private Canadian citizens. Today, the Competition Policy Review Panel released its consultation paper entitled Sharpening Canada's Competitive Edge.

The 50-page document identifies four broad themes that it will use when consulting with Canadian businesses and civil society groups: investment policies, competition policies, outward investment by Canadians, and Canada as a destination for investment and opportunity. The consultation paper delves into issues fundamental to the Canadian economy, such as the effect of Canadian investment controls and Canadian competition law on the competitiveness of Canadian firms at home and abroad.

Input is being sought by the Panel, by way of written submission. Submissions of up to 20 pages will be accepted by the Panel until January 11, 2008.

A full copy of the consultation paper can be found on the panel's website at