A lawsuit involving a reinsurance dispute has been voluntarily dismissed so that it may proceed in arbitration. On July 14, 2011, Liberty Mutual petitioned a court to appoint an umpire and compel arbitration pursuant to its reinsurance agreement with Continental Insurance under the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards and the Federal Arbitration Act. The dispute between the two parties arose after Liberty Mutual sought reimbursement from its reinsurer, Continental for amounts paid to a policyholder. Although the parties agreed that their contracts required them to arbitrate, and each had successfully chosen one arbitrator, they were unable to choose an umpire. Because their contracts did not specify a selection process for the umpire and the parties were unable to come to an agreement themselves, Liberty Mutual sought judicial intervention, asking for an order appointing one of five disinterested industry umpires or, alternatively, a retired Massachusetts judge. Although both parties submitted memoranda on the issue and the court held a hearing on the motion, the parties thereafter stipulated to a dismissal of the action and, pursuant to this, the court dismissed the action with prejudice. Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. v. Continental Insurance Co., Case No. 11-cv-11245-MBB (USDC D.Mass. May 7, 2012).