Every year, LACCA surveys the law firms that have advised the 100 largest companies in Latin America, with the aim of knowing the preferred firms according to the region to which they belong.

For Central America, representing some of the smallest markets in the region has led to great challenges in the process of political, economic and social integration that continues to evolve. Every year, regionalization in companies has created significant opportunities, especially those that benefit from access to all markets in the region through trade agreements and settlements.

The market expects legal teams to provide solutions as a single team, qualified of integrating their line of business as a single firm, relying on the legal talent to provide accurate and timely solutions in order to reach their goals in each country.

Nowadays, the Central American legal market is increasingly dominated by firms with regional operations. “Our clients prefer a regional service, because we can provide a single point of contact for six small and very different jurisdictions, which is very attractive for companies”, says our partner Carolina Flores from Costa Rica.

LACCA, through its report: "The region's chart-topping law firms", presents the list of legal firms that have represented the 100 largest companies in Latin America, we are proud to be one of the leading firms of this year in the region, always managing to lead our clients to fulfill their projects with the best legal talent, offering a global reach through our seven fully-integrated offices in six countries of Central America.