The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) unveiled a new “artificial intelligence”-based translational tool for patent documents called WIPO Translate. Taking advantage of neural translation technology, the beta-version of the WIPO’s translation tool is able to provide translations of patent documents in a manner more akin to the natural language. The WIPO is “training” the technology to translate Chinese, Japanese, and Korean patent documents into English. The beta version of the translation tool is currently available only for Chinese-to-English translations and can be found here.

For the beta version, WIPO Translate used neural machine translation by comparing 60 million sentences from Chinese patent documents provided to WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE database by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China with their translations as-filed at the USPTO. As a result of this “training,” there is a high level of accuracy of the Chinese-English translations. WIPO intends to extend the neural machine translations to French-language patent applications with the hopes of extending to other languages as well.

Additional links to WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE and WIPO’s YouTube video are included.