The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has held that the manifest disregard of law standard is a judicial gloss on the specific grounds for vacature of arbitration awards enumerated in section 10 of the Federal Arbitration Act, and remains a valid ground for vacating arbitration awards after the Supreme Court's Hall Street Associates decision. The issue in this case was whether class arbitration was appropriate under an arbitration agreement which was silent on that issue. It was undisputed that this was a question for the arbitrator to initially decide, and that it was a question of contract interpretation. The arbitrator allowed class arbitration, but the District Court found that decision to be in manifest disregard of law. The Second Circuit, noting the very narrow scope of the manifest disregard of law doctrine, disagreed, and remanded with directions that the District Court deny the request to vacate the arbitration award. Stolt-Nielsen SA v. AnimalFeeds Int'l. Corp., No. 06-3474 (2d Cir. Nov. 4, 2008). This decision further develops the conflict in court decisions as to whether the manifest disregard of law doctrine remains viable.