FCA has published further materials relating to implementation of the AIFMD. Its latest form is a draft variation of permission (VOP) form for full scope AIFMs. It asks for comments on the form by 5 July, after which time it will publish the final version form that firms can complete. It stresses it will not accept applications on this darft version of the form. FCA's web page on AIFMs also contains information on the transitional provisions that will allow sub-threshold, EEA or third country AIFMs to carry on business after 22 July. It has also updated firms on whether AIFMs will be allowed to provide MiFID services on a cross-border basis. FCA's position is that they should be able to do so, but the Commission's position is that MiFID services are not covered by an AIFM passport and that AIFMs are not allowed separately to apply for MiFID authorisation. Accordingly FCA warns firms that some Member States may share the Commission's view. (Source: FCA Publishes More AIFMD Information and AIFMD Latest News)