On 23 July 2015, the US Treasury Department announced that it had added to its Specially Designated Nationals (“SDN”) list a company, an individual and a vessel that it has determined are associated with the Ocean Maritime Management Company (“OMMC”), a designated North Korea shipping company. The Senat Shipping Company, based in Singapore, and its president, Leonard Lai, were both designated for providing material support to OMMC, including arranging the repair, certifications and crewing of OMMC vessels. Senat’s vessel, the “Dawnlight”, was also added to the SDN list pursuant to the DPRK sanctions regime.

The Treasury Department also updated its SDN list to reflect two aliases, Haeyang Crew Management Company and Korea Mirae Shipping Company Ltd, used by OMMC to evade sanctions. Additionally, the Treasury Department added aliases for two North Korean individuals, Kim Tong-Myo’ng and Ra Ky’ong-Su, who had been previously designated under the Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (“NPWMD”) sanctions regime.

The property of entities and individuals on the SDN list is “blocked” and may not be transferred or otherwise dealt with.