Ohio Power Company may recover $36 million in undercharged transmission costs from both customers who switched companies for services to transmit electricity as well as those who did not, the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled, reports Court News Ohio. Normally, “customers who do not purchase generation services…avoid paying transmission costs to the company,” according to the article, but the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) “decided it would be unfair to require Ohio Power’s non-shopping customers to pay all of the $36 million.” The Court agreed with that order in a unanimous decision. Industrial Energy Users-Ohio (IEU) appealed PUCO’s ruling to the state Supreme Court, contending that PUCO “could not rely on a specific statute to authorize this type of cost recovery from both shopping and non-shopping customers, the PUCO did not follow its precedent, and its actions were unlawful retroactive ratemaking.” The Court found that “IEU did not show that the commission’s order was unjust, unreasonable, or unlawful.” For more, read the full article