The update reviews federal and state regulators and projects. Also included is our status report on current regulatory projects dealing with energy market transformation.

Another big fortnight in energy regulation. Here are a few highlights that you will want to make sure that you are across:

  • The Gas Market Reform Group released its final recommendations for the design of a binding arbitration framework for uncovered pipelines.
  • The AER brought out its first set of decisions (in relation to several Access Arrangements) since the NSW Full Court judicial review decision came down, indicating how the AER intends to apply that judgement.
  • AEMC released its final report on the System Security Frameworks Review, many of which were anticipated by the Finkel Review.
  • Some important technical studies or draft rules were commenced or published by AEMC – including a review of market approaches to managing frequency control, rules on managing fault levels and frequency rate of change.
  • Tesla (together with Neoen) was awarded the SA government to construct a 100MW battery, touted as the world’s largest. Tesla is honouring Elon Musk’s early commitment to deliver the battery within 100 days or it is free.
  • And there was a new version of the Rules. We are up to version 93.