On 9 September 2013, the Prudential Regulation Authority of the United Kingdom (PRA) published a consultation paper (CP6/13) outlining the approach the PRA will take when reviewing solvent schemes of arrangement (SOA) proposed by UK authorised non-life insurers. The type of SOA considered is one whereby the insurer seeks to reach a binding compromise with creditors / policyholders for the discharge of all of its remaining liabilities to them. CP6/13 notes the PRA's interest in the use of SOAs is based in its statutory objective to contribute to securing an appropriate degree of protection for policyholders. In terms of its approach to assessment of SOAs, CP6/13 explains that the PRA's starting point (where insurers meet their regulatory capital requirements) will be that the use of an SOA is unlikely to be compatible with the PRA's objectives. It is sets out the intention that all insurance firms will provide details of intended SOAs to the PRA in sufficient time for assessment prior to any application to the Court. The consultation closes on 26 October 2013.