• Work and activities are suspended in the Private and Public sector.


  • The Presidency and the Government Cabinet, as well as the personnel determined by each of the superior authorities.
  • Incorporated personnel to attend this calamity.
  • Health, relief, security and national defense personnel.
  • Personnel of the Direction of attention to the Consumer.
  • Customs, immigration, port and airport staff.
  • Any other essential public service, including the municipalities and those that are part of CONRED.
  • Hospitals, health care centers, medical laboratories and veterinaries.
  • Pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies, drugstores and companies dedicated to the production of disinfectants and hygiene and health products.
  • Public transport for health reasons and transport hired by the companies within these exceptions, to mobilize their workers with prior authorization obtained from the Ministry of Economy.
  • Gas stations.
  • Markets, supermarkets, grocery stores and neighborhood stores.
  • Restaurants with drive-through.
  • Restaurant kitchens that have home delivery and companies that are dedicated to home delivery.
  • Hotels for accommodation and food via room service.
  • Security and securities transport companies.
  • Banks and credit cooperatives.
  • Public or private garbage removal services.
  • Agri-food industries, including food and beverage distribution centers.
  • Agricultural industry, agricultural collection work and agrochemical companies.
  • Industry dedicated to energy production.
  • Telecommunications, internet providers and the media including radio, television, print media and cable companies.
  • Air, sea and land cargo industry for import, export, supplies and ports.
  • Humanitarian transport and water supply.
  • Events of all kinds and of any number of people are prohibited.
  • All sports, cultural and social activities are prohibited.
  • The operation of both urban and extra-urban public transport is prohibited.
  • Visits to all prisons and places of juvenile detention are prohibited.
  • Visits in all institutions for the care of the elderly are prohibited.
  • In-person religious celebrations are suspended.
  • External consultations in hospitals are closed. 9. All shopping centers are closed.
  • Hoarding of essential items, goods and medicines is prohibited.
  • Foreigners are prohibited from entering the country through any of our borders.


  • Resident foreigners
  • The diplomatic corps accredited in the country.

Upon entry, they must undergo mandatory quarantine.

  • Gatherings in bars, clubs and similar are prohibited.
  • Air, land and sea borders are closed throughout the national territory.
  • From 9:00 p.m. until 4 a.m. the next day, all commercial establishments of any kind must be closed, except for PHARMACIES AND ESSENTIAL BASIC SERVICES.
  • The sale and consumption of alcoholic and fermented beverages is prohibited from 6 pm to 5 am the next day.

In addition, the Supreme Court of Justice ben reported that all administrative and jurisdictional activities are suspended from March 17 at 00:00 to March 31 at 24 hours.


  • Courts on 24-hour shift.
  • Criminal Justice Courts for urgent proceedings.

These measures may be extended or modified by the Government of Guatemala at any time, we suggest you to check constantly updated information at the Ministry of Public Health webpage (