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The latest publication from our national Mergers & Acquisitions Group is available now.

In Cross-Border M&A: Top 10 Considerations for U.S. Acquirers of Canadian Targets, our market-leading M&A Group highlights the core issues, key considerations, pitfalls and opportunities for U.S. businesses and investors contemplating the acquisition of a Canadian target, including:

  • How acquisitions of privately-held Canadian targets are accomplished

  • Structuring a share acquisition of a privately-held target

  • Special considerations in acquisitions of interests in public companies

  • How boards of directors assess potential transactions

  • Key tax issues

  • Using representation and warranty insurance

  • What to know about Canadian employment law

  • How to evaluate a Canadian target’s pension and benefit plans

  • Privacy law considerations

  • Antitrust and foreign investment approvals

Acting on some of Canada’s leading cross-border transactions, our Mergers & Acquisitions Group specializes in advising clients on the largest and most innovative domestic and international deals. With offices across Canada’s major commercial centres, New York and London, our firm has substantial presence and capabilities to help U.S. businesses complete M&A transactions across Canada.