The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has launched an interactive website that describes the rights of employees under the Nation Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to engage in protected concerted activity even if they are not in a union.

The page, which is available at, tells the stories of more than a dozen recent cases involving protected concerted activity. The narratives can be viewed by clicking points on an interactive map of the United States.  Among other cases, the webpage tells the story of a construction crew fired after refusing to work in the rain near exposed electrical wires; a customer service representative who lost her job after discussing her wages with a coworker; and a paramedic fired after posting work-related grievances on Facebook.

The webpage is just another example of how the once relatively obscure federal agency is taking steps to solidify its position as the “champion” of employee rights in both the union and non-union context.  Expect additional efforts by the NLRB in the coming months to broaden its “appeal” to employees within non-unionized workforces.