Payday-loan regulation does not apply to lenders registered under the separate Mortgage Loan Act (MLA), the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously decided June 11, 2014. According to Court News Ohio, the Court decided that “the Short-Term Loan Act (STLA) does not prohibit lenders registered under the separate [MLA] from making interest-bearing, payday-style loans.” The case was brought to the Ohio Supreme Court after the Ninth District Court of Appeals upheld a magistrate’s earlier ruling that an MLA lender, Neighborhood Finance, was “using its lending status under the MLA to avoid the limitations established in the STLA,” according to the article. Justice Judith L. French, writing for the unanimous Court, wrote that “there is no language in the STLA that requires a lender to be licensed under that act before making a payday-style loan,” and she also noted that no loan providers are now registered under the STLA. For more, read the full article.