On May 16, the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management released its proposed rules for hydraulic fracturing on federal land. The rules are based off previously proposed regulations for which the Department received 177,000 public comments. Changes to the rules include better coordination between BLM and state governments, opportunities for companies to present water protection efforts, and clarification on trade secret management. BLM is also working with disclosure database FracFocus to improve reporting mechanisms. States will be required to meet the baseline set by department rules but can exceed them if they so choose. Cost estimates for industry compliance range from $12 million to $20 million per year. A 30 day round of public comments will begin when the Federal Register publishes the rules; the final rule will be issued following this period. Industry stakeholders have expressed concerns about the rules, saying that while the rules are an improvement from the previous proposal, there is no economic or scientific justification. Environmentalists have also expressed concern, citing fundamental inadequacies in the rules.