DBIS updates on Iran: DBIS has reiterated that the UK Government does not encourage any trade with or investment in Iran, and has withdrawn all commercial support for trade. It notes that phased sanctions relief may follow the end of negotiations on Iran's nuclear programme at the end of June, but until then all current embargoes and sanctions remain. (Source: DBIS Updates on Iran)

DBIS issues consumer law guidance: DBIS has issued guidance for Trading Standards officers tasked with enforcing consumer law on the new enhanced consumer measures (ECM) and the circumstances in which they might be used. However, the guidance notes it may be useful to other enforcers also, although they will have their own specific powers and guidance. Specifically the guidance outlines:

  • the enforcement order and undertakings powers contained in the Enterprise Act 2002 and how these have been amended and expanded by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (CRA);
  • the scope of the new ECMs: when they can be used, how they should be used and details of the extended consultation period on the subject of ECMs;
  • details of the measures the CRA has introduced: an outline of the redress measures, how to make an offer of redress, measures in the collective interest of consumers, terminating contracts, compliance measures and consumer information measures; and
  • the roles and responsibilities of the enforcer and the business in relation to the redress measures.

Throughout, the document contains case studies illustrating how the various measures might be applied in practice. (Source: DBIS: Enhanced Consumer Measures: Guidance for Enforcers)