Brexit: MPs asked to vote on withdrawal agreement only – BBC

  • MPs will be asked to vote again on Brexit on Friday but only on the withdrawal agreement – covering the “divorce bill”, citizens’ rights and the controversial Irish “backstop”.
  • The political declaration covering the UK’s future relationship with the EU will not be put to the vote.
  • The PM’s deal includes:
    • a withdrawal agreement – setting out:
      • how much money the UK must pay to the EU as a settlement;
      • details of the transition period;
      • the backstop arrangements;
    • and a political declaration on the way the future EU-UK relationship will work.
  • The vote would not allow Parliament to ratify the whole withdrawal package.

Third vote on May’s Brexit deal to go ahead on Friday – FT

  • Andrea Leadsom, leader of the House of Commons, announced that MPs would only vote on the legally binding withdrawal treaty — a divorce deal covering citizens’ rights, Northern Ireland and the £39bn exit bill — but not on the accompanying political declaration on future EU-UK relations.
  • This comes after warnings in Brussels that if the withdrawal treaty is not approved by MPs by 11pm London time on Friday, the UK would leave the bloc on April 12, with or without a deal. If the treaty is approved, the date would be extended to May 22.
  • Ms Leadsom said: “As I set out to the House today, the European Union will only agree an extension until 22 May if the Withdrawal Agreement is approved this week. “Tomorrow’s motion gives Parliament the opportunity to secure that extension. I encourage all MPs to support it and ensure that we leave the EU on the 22nd May, giving people and businesses the certainty they need.”