The Internal Revenue Service (the IRS) has announced an automatic three-month extension of time for certain tax-exempt hospitals to file Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax, including Schedule H, Hospitals, for the 2010 tax year. In addition, the IRS has delayed the filing season by directing such hospital organizations to abstain from filing the 2010 Form 990 before July 1, 2011. The extension period and the delayed filing season apply only to hospital organizations that are required to file Schedule H with the 2010 Form 990 and that would otherwise be required to file the 2010 Form 990 before August 15, 2011. This announcement does not apply to any other tax-exempt organization required to file Form 990.

The three-month extension period is automatic. Affected hospital organizations generally do not need to file an extension application with the IRS and will not be subject to late filing penalties for 2010 Form 990s filed during the extension period. If a hospital organization requires additional time to file, it may receive up to a total of a six-month extension of time, provided certain filing requirements are met.

The entire text of the announcement, dated February 25, 2011, is available on the IRS website at