On 2 February 2017, the Ministry of Energy and Mining published in the official gazette Resolution No. 19/2017, which establishes certain incentives to increase the power and energy availability for the National Interconnected System (SIN for its acronym in Spanish).

The incentives consist of special remuneration regimes applicable to power produced in:

  1. Thermal power plants: Applicable to generators whom shall inform their power availability to CAMMESA and execute contracts guaranteeing such availability for the SIN in exchange for the special remuneration. Additionally, incentives are established to promote the efficiency in the operation of thermal power plants.
  2. Renewable energy: Applicable to energy produced through hydroelectric plants and other non‑conventional source plants (wind, photovoltaic solar, biomass/biogas/USW).

In both cases, the regime will be applicable as long as the power offered is not committed under another special regime.