Order No. 14181-A/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 213, 2nd Supplement, Series II of 2013-11-04

Establishes the increase of statutory capital of the corporate public entities, to be paid through the delivery of the number of participation units held by the State in the National Health Service Payment System Support Fund

Decree-Law No. 154/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 214, Series I of 2013-11-05

Introduces the monitoring system of investment projects that, according to their characteristics, may have a relevant importance for the enhance of the national economy, including the projects of Potential National Importance (PIN) as well as create the Permanent Commission for the Support of the Investor and the establishment of the competence of the inter-ministerial structure, in charge of the definition and coordination of the economic politic and the government’s investment.

Order No. 14705/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 22, Series I of 2013-11-14

Appoints the members of the special commission to the monitoring of the privatization procedure of CTT- Correios de Portugal, S.A.

Ordinance No. 335. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 222, Series I of 2013-11-15

Amends for the eighth time Ordinance No. 95/54, of 9 February, which states the minimum social capital of the credit institutions and financial companies. Updates the minimum amounts of share capital of determined credit institutions and financial companies.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 72-A/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 222, Supplement Series I of 2013-11-15

Approves the of the agreement which rectifies the purchase and sale agreement of the basic telecommunication network and the telex network, executed between the Portuguese State and PT Comunicações, S.A., in 27 December of 2002

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 72-B/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 223, Supplement, Series I of 2013-11-18

Establishes the terms and the conditions applicable to the sale of shares of CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A., under the public offering for sale and the direct institutional sale

Resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 73/2013. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No. 224, Series I, of 2013-11-18

Establishes the process of creation of a credit institution named Instituição Financeira de Desenvolvimento, the purpose of which is to contribute to the implementation of public policies for the promotion of growth and employment, to execute functions of “wholesale” management of public financial instruments, to stimulate, foster and guide business investment in marketable goods and services, to improve economy financing conditions, to perfect the institutional architecture of financial instruments and, complementarily, carry out tasks of technical support on public financing models in the promotion of competitiveness and internationalisation.