On November 16, 2015, ESMA published a Protocol on the operation of its online Market in Financial Instruments Directive database. The database publishes the results obtained from calculations made by national regulators in connection with shares admitted to trading on a regulated market. The calculations relate to, amongst other things, average daily turnovers and number of transactions. The information aims to provide market participants with appropriate information enabling them to recognize liquid shares and make determinations on waivers for pre-trade transparency requirements and delayed post-trade publication. The information must be made available by national regulators under MiFID and forms part of the MiFID market transparency regime. The Protocol sets out the responsibilities and tasks to be carried out by ESMA and national regulators and also provides practical and technical guidance as to how calculations should be made.

The Protocol and MiFID database are available at: http://www.esma.europa.eu/content/Protocol-operation-ESMAMiFID-Database-final; and http://mifiddatabase.esma.europa.eu