In June 2015 the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in Qatar announced they were planning to issue a digital privacy law by the beginning of 2016 and whilst this would focus on general data protection principles the Ministry were particularly keen to address a safer internet for youth.

The Minister of Information and Communications Technology has said that it is the collective responsibility of parents, users and regulators to spread awareness about the constructive use of social networking sites.

A report in the press in Qatar on 28th June indicates that 75% of Arab youth below 24 rely on the internet for news, 50% of Qatar youth between 8 and 15 years have smart phones whilst 27% of Qatar youth between 9 and 16 have an account on a social networking site.

Whilst wanting to protect youth online, the Minister said that social networking sites had positive aspects as about 8000 companies in Qatar sell their products on the social networking site Instagram.

In conjunction with the Supreme Education Council, the Ministry have recently launched an educational program to improve cyber safety and security awareness amongst students called Haseen. This awareness program for students tackles up to 13 cyber safety topics and aims to empower students, in education stages from grade 1 to grade 12, to stay safe online.